Scan IP addresses through Esxi VMkernal Interfaces

Unlike the ESXi management interface, VMK interfaces used for vMotion can typically only be pinged within the same subnet, as they are not assigned a gateway IP address. Below is a shell script you can utilize directly on the ESXi host without the need for third-party IP ping tools.

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How to Automate SSH-ing with Powershell

Being away from blogging a while, since I have been on vacation after my VCP exam, now it’s time back to my blogging. Today let’s see how we can automate SSH-ing with powershell. Instead of connecting to each ssh hosts (eg, your routers/switches or linux servers), you can make the powershell snippets and insert the linux commands with plink.exe. Most of the time, you can use 2 methods to do ssh connection via powershell. Continue reading “How to Automate SSH-ing with Powershell”

View SSL/TLS Certificate Info with OpenSSL Command

You can simply check the SSL/TLS certificate information which is listening at non-http port (like STMP) by using the OpenSSL tool. All you need to know is to the port that uses encrypted connection. For example, I view the certificate info at CentOS website & TLS certificate used for smtp connection. With WSL, OpenSSL already installed and you’re ready to go.

For example here, I check the CentOS website & TLS certificate which is used for smtp connection.

For SSL connection:
openssl s_client -showcerts -connect

For TLS connection:
openssl s_client -connect -starttls smtp

OpenSSL to view SSL Cert Info
Fig-1: Viewing SSL Cert Info

OpenSSL to view TLS Cert Info
Fig-2: Viewing TLS Cert Info