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View SSL/TLS Certificate Info with OpenSSL Command

You can simply check the SSL/TLS certificate information which is listening at non-http port (like STMP) by using the OpenSSL tool. All you need to know is to the port that uses encrypted connection. For example, I view the certificate … Continue reading

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Creating Active Directory Users in the Nested OUs

It is the powershell script that will automatically create AD users. What makes it unique is that all the necessary OUs (even nested OUs) are created in advance before users creation. So, you won’t need a separate script for both … Continue reading

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Powershell: Find When Active Directory Users’ Memership, OU and Creation Date

It’s a one-liner command that I use to find the most common AD attributes including the Creation date, Member Of and OU location. I attached the screenshot as example. Command: Get-ADUser -filter * -property name,displayname,MemberOf,description,Title,TelephoneNumber,CanonicalName,whencreated,emailaddress| select Name, Displayname, @{Name=”MemberOf”;Exp={ ((-join … Continue reading

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Powershell: Find Which Running Processes are Connecting to the Internet

These days, I have been looking for a way to find which running processes on my machines are accessing the internet without my consent. And fortunately, I found a script from TechNet Gallery written by Cookie.Monster. The script extract the … Continue reading

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