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Find who reset my password: The Powershell Script to Audit User Accounts Changes

Getting the account management activity is an essential process for auditing purpose. We can check it at the windows event log if the auditing for account management is enabled. To automate this tiresome job, I wrote this powershell script to … Continue reading

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Script to Log TCP Connections by Powershell

  Logging TCP connection is useful for troubleshooting or for auditing purpose. You can use TCPView to view the real-time the incoming and outgoing TCP connections between servers and clients. To save the log into file, you need to use … Continue reading

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A Quick Start Guide: How to Manage Veeam Backup & Replication 9 with Powershell

Most enterprise backup software has come with powershell support to make backup administrators life easier. In this post, we will play some veeam powershell commands to backup/restore VMs or for listing current backup jobs. The veeam powershell has more cmdlets … Continue reading

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Batch/Powershell: How to check Pending Computer Restart after Installing Windows Update

Some windows updates require a system restart after installation because it needs to change some system files which are currently used by running processes, or changes in registry. You’ll be prompted with the yellow icon shield like in fig-1.  

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PowerCLI Connection Error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send

PowerCLI is a very flexible tool for vSphere automation. One morning, I connect to vSphere environment & found this error. See Fig-1. “The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send”

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Load Testing the FTP Site with Open Source Apache Jmeter

Sometimes we might have to load test your website/ ftp site for reliability or to measure performance. The top listed open-sourced tools are: The Grinder Gatling Tsung JMeter (item list from of the top 4, I’ll use Apache JMeter … Continue reading

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Powershell: How to Shift Time Offset of a Movie’s Subtitle

I usually go through my holidays with good movies. Some of the subtitles I downloaded do not have a correct timing with the video soundtrack. And it makes me re-adjust the subtitle whenever I re-play old movies. Since I do not want … Continue reading

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Find all SNMP Settings of Windows Machine in Powershell

SNMP has a long history with Microsoft Windows. And Microsoft now said that it has been deprecated (moreover, snmp v1 or v2 is less secure than the latest snmp v3, but windows natively doesn’t support version 3 till now) and … Continue reading

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Set Windows Service Permission to Non-Administrator Accounts

Service related operations such as start/stop/restart windows services are usually assigned to Administrators. Sometimes, you might need to delegate these tasks to non-admin users. In this article, I will show the 4 methods to set the service’s permission to any … Continue reading

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Assign SQL service start,stop permission to Non-Administrator Account and SDDL explained

For full syntax of SDDL(Security Descriptor Definition Language) and ACEs (Access Control Lists), you can refer this TechNet article. Here we will assign the start/stop permission of MSSQLSERVER to ‘MyUser’ domain user. Assume that computer has been SQL 2012 installed in domain environment. … Continue reading

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