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PowerCLI: Automatically Power on VMs from the Saved CSV file

It’s the Powershell script using PowerCLI to power on a bunch of VMs when multiple servers go offline or during disaster recovery. Not using any third-party tools, I got the idea to do it in PowerCLI to backup the current … Continue reading

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PowerCLI: Get the Vmnic CDP Information of Esxi Hosts

In these days, I do have to backup the CDP info of our current esxi hosts and fortunately I found script this blog and official VMware site to discover information. Only I made little changes to the script to suite … Continue reading

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Powershell Debugging Made Easy: A good start tutorial

There are times when you spot an error yet can’t find where it is located or the lines when it occurred, only then you’ve to go for line-by-line debugging. Powershell has built-in debugging tools for this. Generally, there are 2 … Continue reading

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Powershell: Automatically Check and Correct multiple NTP Clients

Here is the script that will help system admins to automatically check the windows NTP settings on multiple computers through registry. For this to work, you need to enable Remote Powershell on client computers. If remote powershell is not enabled … Continue reading

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Powershell: Check the Internet Accessibility for Multiple Computers

Sometimes, you need to make sure all your servers have internet access or not, especially after network change or for monthly auditing purpose. With powershell, you can achieve this by using .Net call to sockets. And, I found the script … Continue reading

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