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The Secret of WMI Monitoring with Non-Administrator account: How to add the missing windows services to monitoring !

Update: The purpose in this blogpost is about giving permission of specific windows service to specific monitoring user. So, you can replace step-6 (setting DNS service permission to specific account that will monitor service) with easier methods in my new blog post. There … Continue reading

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PowerShell: Join Domain Users to Any Specific OU

I have been looking for ways for automatic domain join so that the end-users can do by themselves without special  knowledge. There are serveral scripts I found on google that make it work, but none of them seems to be … Continue reading

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Powershell: Find the Windows Service of a Running Process

Today, I need to find the registered services of some running processes & its installed path. Here we can use some third-party tools, such as Process Explorer, Process Hacker and find each process’s associated service. But, I want to use … Continue reading

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PowerShell Remoting Made Easy !

With Powershell Remoting, you can do administrative tasks on bunch of servers remotely or in the background while the client users are currently logged in or not.PowerShell remoting is supported since PowerShell version 2 and above, which is from windows7, … Continue reading

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Check Multiple Forward and Reverse DNS records by Powershell

A few days ago, I had to query over 100 DNS records to determine if both forward and reverse records were working properly. Making the nslookup over 100 records is a time–consuming and daunting task for a system administrator. Therefore, … Continue reading

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How to convert virtualbox VDI to VMDK or VHD using built-in tools, virtualbox manager

There are so many third-party tools to convert from the virtualbox virtual harddisk to .vmdk(in Vmware) or VHD (in Hyper-V), such as Vmware Standalone Converter, Starwind V-2-V tools. But, you can easily use the built-in virtualbox manager to convert from … Continue reading

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Kill windows service that is not responding/hungs

1) Query the service PID via NT service controller. sc queryex <servicename> queryex w32timeNote: you can find the service name from services.msc in Run box. Here w32time for Windows Time Service.   2) Note the PID of the service 3) … Continue reading

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Change Windows Service Startup Option that are gray out

Sometimes, we find some services are gray-out, such as antivirus service that prevents disabling with malicious purpose. In this cases, you have 2 options to change the startup type of these services. Option 1#1)type “msconfig” in Run box2) in the … Continue reading

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