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Create FTP with Local User Isolation (in Powershell Script)

FTP with user isolation is a magic feature that microsoft introduced since IIS 7.5. It’s similar to chroot in linux that each user is jailed in each his own directory ;P. Each user’s directory is isolated from other users’ directories, … Continue reading

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Create FTP with Local User Isolation (in GUI Method)

The magic of ftp with user isolation is that every users has his own directory and this user cannot see or browse other users’ directories. In linux, it is similar to “chroot” option after the user has logged in. This … Continue reading

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Ping (ICMP) the host with logged timestamps

Ping is the most basic and the most oldest built-in tool, that every system/network administrator cannot live without when troubleshooting network connection at TCP/IP Layer-3. I sometimes had to make long time ping test for network latency issues. Test-Connection is … Continue reading

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List ALL VMware SRM Protected VMs with their Protection Group Names

In your VMware Site-Recovery-Manager Environment, you may need to fetch the list of protected VMs and their associated protection group for documentation purpose. For this purpose, I created this one-liner command to fetch the necessary information with Name, Protection Group … Continue reading

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The WS-Management service cannot process the request. Cannot find the Microsoft.PowerShell session configuration in the WSMan: drive on the…

After updating to Ps 4.0, I found some windows hosts are encountering the following errors when I run Invoke-Command to check the powershell version. See Fig-1. Connecting to remote server X.X.X.X failed with the following error message : The WS-Management … Continue reading

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WSUS Console often crashes after running some time

You might see this WSUS console error after running WSUS services for some time. See Fig-1.

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Powershell Recursive Functions: How to List Folder/File Sizes to multiple levels

Being away from my blogging a while, for the scripting of the migration of 400 ftp users to new server, Today, I finalized a script that will list folders/file sizes recursively that I started writing a few days ago. We … Continue reading

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Find which users stay with the oldest passwords in Workgroup/Domain Computers

Updated: As of Feb 2022, I have fixed/updated the script so that it runs faster in workgroup computers. The changes as marked in the Changed Log section of the script. Moreover, you can run the script with -WriteVerbose  switch to … Continue reading

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Script to Join Active Directory Domain with Local user Profile migration

Writing a long, quality script can be both a tiresome and interesting task in terms of its look and feel. It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a substantial script, as I’ve mostly been occupied with small utility … Continue reading

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One-liner command to restart windows server at scheduled time

Sometimes you need to schedule restart for your server maintenance. Restart-Computer does not have parameter for timing shutdown and you will have to use it with New-ScheduleTask which is available only in Ps 3.0 to create the schedule shutdown. Let’s … Continue reading

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