Creating Active Directory Users in the Nested OUs

It is the powershell script that will automatically create AD users. What makes it unique is that all the necessary OUs (even nested OUs) are created in advance before users creation. So, you won’t need a separate script for both tasks. Here, I give the screenshot of my testing domain, with example users defined in my csv file.

You must include these properties as the csv file headers (See Fig-2). But leave the values blank if some users do not have these properties.

EmployeeID, DisplayName, OU, Description, Name, GivenName, SurName, SamAccountName, Title, Departement, Domain, Office, OfficePhone, Company, EmailAddress, Password

It takes only 3 min to create 1500 users for me, Cheers!

Create AD Users in nested OU with Powershell
Fig-1: Demo of AD user creation
Sample CSV file for AD user creation
Fig-2: Sample CSV file

You can download my script from github.

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