Change Windows Service Startup Option that are gray out

Sometimes, we find some services are gray-out, such as antivirus service that prevents disabling with malicious purpose. In this cases, you have 2 options to change the startup type of these services.

Option 1#
1)type “msconfig” in Run box
2) in the service tab, uncheck the service
3) reboot the computer

Option 2# (via registry method)
1) Go to HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices
2) Double-Click the Start SubKey
3) Change the DWORD value to 0 to 4 according to your startup option. 2 for Automatic & 4 for Disabled.
Below are values according to technet article.

Value Meaning
0 Boot (loaded by kernel loader). Components of the driver stack for the boot (startup) volume must be loaded by the kernel loader.
1 System (loaded by I/O subsystem). Specifies that the driver is loaded at kernel initialization.
2 Automatic (loaded by Service Control Manager). Specifies that the service is loaded or started automatically.
3 Manual. Specifies that the service does not start until the user starts it manually, such as by using Device Manager.
4 Disabled. Specifies that the service should not be started.

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