PowerCLI: Automatically Power on VMs from the Saved CSV file

It’s the Powershell script using PowerCLI to power on a bunch of VMs when multiple servers go offline or during disaster recovery. Not using any third-party tools, I got the idea to do it in PowerCLI to backup the current Powerstate of the VMs to csv file and compare it when powering on VMs, so that you do not mistakenly turn on VMs that are initially powered off. I added the progress bar to get the progress state of powering on VMs.

What this script will do:
1) It will backup the current Power State of VMs to csv file. It will create the new csv file if not already created.
2) If the file is already created, it will check the current power state of VMs by comparing with the csv file.
3) If the Powered On server in the list is found as powered off in vCenter or esxi, it will power on all VMs.

Please note that you will need to connect the vCenter/Esxi before running the script. Also, you will need to disconnect the vCenter/Esxi connection once the job is finished.

Use the the following command to connect to the host.
Connect-VIServer -Server yourserver -Credential (get-credential)

Use the following command to disconnect from host.
Disconnect-VIServer -Server yourserver -confirm:$false

PowerCLI Saving VM Power State and Power On VMs
Fig-1: Demo of Saving VM Power State and Power On VMs

PowerCLI Powering on VM in action
Fig-2: Powering On VM in Action

You can download my script from the github.

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