PowerCLI Script to List VM Snapshots with Last VM Reboot Time

Again, It’s time to script, making life easier with the system admin’s boring tasks. Most of us have testing environment in which we have to play with snapshots (so called checkpoints in Hyper-V).
This script will list the VMs snapshots with the last VM power-on time. This is particularly useful in cases where you want to keep the snapshot until the VM is rebooted and proved to be fully functional after any configuration changes. So, I put the B4_Reboot column to show ‘Yes’ if the Snapshot is older than the VM last booted time and ‘No’ if the snapshot is taken after VM is powered on.

I assumed that you have already connected to vCenter or Esxi. If not, use the following command in PowerCLI.
Connect-VIserver -Server <YourvCenterIP> -Credential (Get-Credential)

Run the script

If you want to display the result in table view, run the following command
.\Get_VM_Snapshot_Reboot_Info.ps1 | format-table -auto

If you want to export the result to csv file, run the following command
.\Get_VM_Snapshot_Reboot_Info.ps1 | Export-Csv VM_Snapshots_LastReboot_Info.csv -NoType

You can disconnect the vCenter/Esxi connection after running the script.
Disconnect-VIserver -server <YourvCenterIP>

You can download my script here.

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