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Network Connection Notify Tool is Released

It will check the connection continuously at specified intervals and notify users with voice or desktop notification if the connection change is detected. If you don’t know how to set the Tiebreaker or Interval, you can just use Check Type … Continue reading

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Send keystrokes of the clipboard contents with AutoHotkey

I have seen many times where I cannot paste the text in the remote login session due to the policy of clipboard restriction. And, here is the little Auto Hotkey script that can automatically type whatever the clipboard has. Save … Continue reading

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PyQt5: Get Windows Service with Start/Stop Compliant Status

I do some learning in python GUI programming in PyQt5 a few weeks ago to do some useful utility tools. And, here is my very first application to check windows services compliant check based on service status and startup type. … Continue reading

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Check or Verify Esxi Credentials on Multiple Esxi Hosts

There are times that you will need to check if esxi credentials are correct & consistent across the multiple hosts, and this PowerCLI script will save your time a lot. It uses TCP port 443 so it takes a bit … Continue reading

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PowerCLI to set Evacuated Esxi Hosts into Maintenance Mode

It’s the little script that will set all esxi hosts into maintenance mode when no VMs are left running, particularly useful when you’re doing the bulk VMs migration or shutdown for Esxi maintenance.

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Delete Empty Folders with Powershell Recursively

In this blog, I’d like to show you the little one-liner powershell code that will delete empty folders recursively.  Note: Even if there is a single file in the child nested folder, it will exclude the parent path from deletion.

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Make a read-able windows DNS debug log file

Normally we turn on the DNS debugging to find out the source client IP addresses and the queried records. And, here is the script that will covert the DNS Debug Log file into a more flexible csv format, though you … Continue reading

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Lockup Domain User in Specific Computer and Escalate Permissions

Sometimes, you will need to give some domain users (may be the desktop support) Network Configuration Operators role or even Local Administrator permissions on specific client machines so that they can fix something with the elevated permissions.  You can do … Continue reading

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VMware Network Portgroup Connectivity Check with Circular VM vMotion

Now, it’s a blogging time. Here is the little script that you can use to check the network connectivity of each portgroup in your vmware environment, which can also be used to determine if the portgroups or physical uplink (backing … Continue reading

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Find the Missing/Mismatch or Duplicate DNS Forward and Reverse Records

I recently need to check the DNS records for one of my customer’s DNS server. It’s more than 500+ records to verify that the ‘A’ and ‘PTR’ records are updated properly and which records are missing. Most of the online … Continue reading

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