Make a read-able windows DNS debug log file

Normally we turn on the DNS debugging to find out the source client IP addresses and the queried records. And, here is the script that will covert the DNS Debug Log file into a more flexible csv format, though you will have to rename the file to .csv if needed. New lines, whitespace and header information will be ignored during conversion. The script supports DNS Debug log of Server 2012, 2016 and 2019 (not tested on Server 2008 and if you can do it successfully, please comment). This script should not be run on Domain Controllers/DNS Servers as it consumes certain amount of processing power. Continue reading “Make a read-able windows DNS debug log file”

Find the Missing/Mismatch or Duplicate DNS Forward and Reverse Records

I recently need to check the DNS records for one of my customer’s DNS server. It’s more than 500+ records to verify that the ‘A’ and ‘PTR’ records are updated properly and which records are missing. Most of the online scripts I found only check for single PTR records. So finally, I need to get my hands dirty, spending a few hours in powershell to make a script the can verify the relationship between forward and reverse records in local or remote DNS servers. Continue reading “Find the Missing/Mismatch or Duplicate DNS Forward and Reverse Records”

Install and Manage DNS Server Running on Nano Server

In this post, we will install DNS service on Nano Server and manage via the DNS Manager Console from other computer. If you want to create Nano Server Image GUI wizard, you can check out here. In our post we are going to create Nano Sever Image by the Nano Server Generator powershell script that comes with installation ISO.

There will be two Scenarios in our testing and you can just use either depending on your environment. Continue reading “Install and Manage DNS Server Running on Nano Server”

Enumerate and Check DNS Records between two Windows DNS Servers

Update on 22.May.2023 : I do not review my scripts regularly. Thanks to Frank Dub  who modified the script by removing the Server 2008 execution code and fixed the PTR record section, which was not working properly. You can find it as the latest script with version 1.1 attached in this post. For the previous version, see here.


Today, I finished up the script which can check the DNS records between two DNS servers. Powershell DNS Client module is only available from Windows 8, Server 2012/R2, which makes powershellers easy for dns query & administration. But as I want to include the old server 2008 in this scenario, I scripted the ‘nslookup’ command in this script. Continue reading “Enumerate and Check DNS Records between two Windows DNS Servers”

How to check multiple Forward and Reverse DNS records in Powershell

Tired of spending hours manually querying DNS records? A few days ago, I had to query over 100 DNS records to determine if both forward and reverse records were working properly. Making the nslookup over 100 records is a time-consuming and daunting task for a system administrator. Therefore, I decided to write a powershell script to automate the job.

You will need to put the hostnames in hostnames.txt file in the same directory as the script file and run the script.