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Find who reset my password: The Powershell Script to Audit User Accounts Changes

Getting the account management activity is an essential process for auditing purpose. We can check it at the windows event log if the auditing for account management is enabled. To automate this tiresome job, I wrote this powershell script to … Continue reading

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Assign SQL service start,stop permission to Non-Administrator Account and SDDL explained

For full syntax of SDDL(Security Descriptor Definition Language) and ACEs (Access Control Lists), you can refer this TechNet article. Here we will assign the start/stop permission of MSSQLSERVER to ‘MyUser’ domain user. Assume that computer has been SQL 2012 installed in domain environment. … Continue reading

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Check If your running Processes and Files are Digitally Signed

Digital Signatures of running process is needed when your want to validate that the softwares actually comes from trusted source and is unmodified by viruses or trojans. You can also check the the executable files (.exe, .dll etc,.) on your … Continue reading

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The Secret of WMI Monitoring with Non-Administrator account: How to add the missing windows services to monitoring !

Update: The purpose in this blogpost is about giving permission of specific windows service to specific monitoring user. So, you can replace step-6 (setting DNS service permission to specific account that will monitor service) with easier methods in my new blog post. There … Continue reading

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